Oh my God, it’s raining in Dubai!

What about a typical Bavarian style dinner while rain is kissing the green hills outside? It’ll be a quite classical European spot just 4 km far from Dubai shoreline, according to the ambitious The Heart of Europe project. THOE project aims to develop a six islands complex reproducing European countries and cities not only in the architecture and landscapes but even in the climate characteristics. Obviously targeting the new Arab world luxury tourism streams. It’s an unprecedented development project launched by Kleindienst Group on the artificial islands realized by Nakheel group, already famous worldwide for the Palm Jumeirah islands. Originally the project was set to start in 2008 when the crisis hit Dubai and Nakheel group had to be saved by a huge $2bln bail out.

The Hearth of Europe Dubai Masterplan

The Hearth of Europe Dubai – Masterplan

Now they’re ready to start, and it’ll be definitely a quick start. Basically the project is a luxury hospitality resort on 6 islands connected by floating bridges. More than 3.000 rooms in resort targeting different customers profiles, and equipped with the first climate controlled streets and outdoor venues in the world. Mr. Josef Kleindienst, CEO of the group, dreams about recreating the usual rain and snow characteristics just in the middle of the sea not far from the desert, with a cutting edge German technology. He bets that THOE complex will be the most exclusive and costly location in UAE within the next 15 years, even if it’s a risky and ambitious development project.

THOE Dubai - floating villas

How can you miss a boat trip to your floating villa?

Josef Kleindienst - CEO

Josef Kleindienst – CEO

The main island will be a reproduction of Austria, connected with Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, St Petersbourg, Munchen, with an architectural project focused on communicating the old Europe feelings. If you’re not so comfortable with the Las Vegas sounding, you could just have a walk among some of the 15.000 ultra-millenarian olive plants Mr. Kleindienst is planting all over the islands in a quite detailed botanic programme.

Definitely a step beyond the other projects we’ve seen after the Expo 2020 celebrations at the end of last year, but Mr. Kleindienst is really confident he’ll soon see the first encouraging results of the sale programme he’s about to launch. Rumors say that there will be many good opportunities for the northern Europe design companies.

However, get your umbrella ready for your next trip to Dubai.

The complex will have also one of the biggest aquarium and aquapark resorts of the world

The complex will have also one of the biggest aquarium and aquapark resorts of the world

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