Nest: climbing the home automation market

Nest the revolutionary startup in the home automation industry, acquired by Google in January, has just acquired Revolv a cutting edge home automation hub producer based in Boulder, Colorado. After launching its brand new smart smoke detector, and following the acquisition of Dropcam (a startup producing a smart and cloud based CCTV system) with a $500 mln offer, it is the last step beyond in aggressively climbing the home automation industry to achieve a leading position.

Nest's brand new smart smoke alarm

Nest’s brand new smart smoke alarm

Revolv, as we’ve seen in previous posts, invented a smart and easy to use centralized hub that can connect all your home automation devices in a single dashboard regardless the communication protocol used or the manufacturer. The average user can easily create a unique control system connecting his Philips Hue light bulbs, Sonos speakers, Yale door locks, WeMo switches as well as other top products (Honeywell, Trane, Kwikset, among others).

revolv new logoAccording to many observers, the main goal in the last Nest’s move is in acquiring more informations and data on the home automation market and users community, together with a suite of tools and products that have been leading the innovation research in this industry with cutting edge solutions that made the Internet of Things dream closer every single day. Travis Kalanick, Uber CEO, once said “if we can get you a car in five minutes, only with a tap on your smartphone, it means that we can easily deliver you everything in only five minutes.” In the Uber situation, it means that it’ll switch to a wider range of services evolving from the current car services provider status, in a similar trend that characterized Amazon from an early online bookseller to the current leading e-commerce company. In the home automation industry it means we’kll soon be able to control all our every day routine and home appliances with a simple tap on our smartphone.

Meantime Revolve anounced that its famous hub will no longer be available to customers while mantaining the warranty services for the early purchasers and the current privacy regulations (considering the wide concern about the way Google protects its users privacy), and also remembered that Revolv will be a part of Nest, separated from the rest of the Google world.

Matt Roger (right) - Nest co-founder

Matt Roger (right) – Nest co-founder

Nobody managed to obtain an interview or a statement from the top management of Nest or Revolv, bit it’s extremely interesting what Matt Rogers (Nest co-founder and vice president of engineering) told to Recode magazine: “We are not fans of yet another hub that people should have to worry about. It’s a great team, an unbelievable team. There’s a certain amount of expertise in home wireless communications that doesn’t exist outside of these 10 people in the world.”

So these guys from Revolv are really the best ones to deal with cutting edge home automation protocols like ZingBee or other tech stuff that will make the difference in the market very soon.

A smart move from Nest (and Google, of course) in a market expected to double its size within 2018 with a total business volume of more than $71 billions. A further step in climbing the home automation industry.

The famous Nest thermostat, a disruptive product and a cutting edge solution in the home automation market.

The famous Nest thermostat, a disruptive product and a cutting edge solution in the home automation market.

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