Autumn top five: FabLabs, smart home, smart grid, startup and gulf business

FabLabs becoming a concrete business opportunity as just-in-time production turns relevant, smart home and smart grid building, startups and ambitious construction projects in Dubai. These are the autumn’s hot topics according to a quick overview of the most read, shared and linked posts on this blog.

What’s yout point? Which is the top trending topic in your opinion? Have a look…


1st FabLab: a fabulous future for design and architecture
[In Architecture & Design]

The progressive widespread of FabLabs represents one of the most trending innovations in the design and architecture industry. Basically it’s a fabrication laboratory: a community workshop with ultimate machineries for laser cut, milling and 3D printing that allows just-in-time and tailor made production. Mini fablabs have been set up in constructions sites to deliver just-in-time production features to specific structured projects, and some cutting edge solutions come from Mexico (like CasaFlex) and are expected to be game changers in the next future.

2nd Yetu’s disruptive smart-home solution.The whole world in a single dashboard
[In Startup Look-up!]

Yetu is a German startup founded by Christopher Schläffer, Chief Product & Innovation Officer at Deutsche Telekom, who agreed to be interviewed by Valerio Sold Out Blog. Yetu produces a cross-border operating system relying on a single hardware gateway and an internet interface easily compatible with all the devices, managing our home environment with a smart dashboard. A unique platform to manage your smart home’s features like heating, entertainment devices, energy consumption, security.

3rd Smart-home market will double its size in four years
[In Architecture & DesignBusiness and opportunities]

smart home tapSmart home market will double its size in only four years, reaching a volume of more than 71 USD billions. Juniper Research published a detailed report that confims the most confident forecasts over the development of this industry and the great role of entertainment segment among other dynamic ones. The big challenge is between the tech big players, investing every day more resources in home automation, and several outsiders that aim to be game changers with their disruptive solutions and innovative products.

4th Ohmconnect: will this startup finally bridge the smart home to the smart grid?
[In Startup Look-up!Business and opportunities]

smart gridThe startup roller coaster is not for the faint of heart.” that’s what Curtis Tongue told us while being interviewed for
He’s the co-founder of Ohmconnect, a very interesting startup that won SfunCube hackathon and many other awards thanks to their revolutionary solutions and technologies to bridge the smart home to the smart grid. You really gotta check out what these guys are doing.

5th Oh my God! It’s raining in Dubai
[In Architecture & DesignBusiness and opportunities]

Kleindienst Group is finally recovering and launching the ambitious The Heart of Europe project. THOE project aims to develop a six islands complex reproducing European countries and cities not only in the architecture and landscapes but even in the climate characteristics. Obviously targeting the new Arab world luxury tourism streams.
A visionary project that could really be boosted by the Expo 2020 investment hype burning all the critics and skeptic rumors that it’s always been arousing.

THOE Dubai - floating villas

How can you miss a boat trip to your floating villa?

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