CES 2015: innovation lives in Las Vegas

ces 2014 crowdAll ready for the 48th edition of CES in Las Vegas (January 6-9). The Consumer Electronic Show is the leading exhibition in the world introducing new trends and products in the tech market. CES has been launching the milestones in technology research and development for more than 40 years: from the videogame Pong to the CD and DVD optical devices in the 80s. Property of the CEA (association of the consumer electronic producers) it expresses a business market of more than $ 211 bln per year and will involve more than 3.500 exhibitors from all over the world.

According to many columnists and experts there are many new trends and companies to highlight. John Curran (managing director of Accenture tech and new media division) on Forbes, the internet of things related technologies and products are the most relevant trend of the 2015 edition. There are also five key drivers of the market to look at:

  • Growth in phablets squeezes tablets

  • Industry goes “All In” on 4K TVs

  • Growth in clinical and digital healthcare applications

  • The insecurity of things

  • Connected cars, seamless experience

ces tech glassesWe agree especially on the Internet of things, healthcare related technology and insecurity of things issues. It’s been emerging in our latest interviews and articles in the Startup Lookup! special, in a shared vision with most of the emerging startuppers and entrepreneurs. Healthcare tech is really in a boom of apps and products, useful in the developed countries to increase quality of services and care and in developing countries or situations in which there’s a chronic lack of diagnostic equipment. For example the recent app for optical diagnosis is quite useful in extreme situations and had a wide press coverage last month.

app optical - The back of the eye being scanned retina and check health optic nerve

Insecurity of things let us forecast a relevant market niche development: the continue production of monitoring data and sensible data on our behavior, habits and technologies will involve a dramatic increase in the demand of security and soft security related products, affordable for the average user. Consider the terrific development of home automation devices: it’ll increase the production of data regarding our every day life, posing privacy threats that will need to be properly managed.

Samsung flexible delays-580-100

Samsung flexible smartphone

Last but not least, big news are expected in the TV entertainment segment, right now when Smart TVs and interesting cutting edge services like Roku or Netflix are spreading worldwide. In the tough challenge to provide the latest OLED TV, LG is undoubtedly the company that made a concrete advantage in developing such a technology, bringing to the consumer market a finally affordable product with the expected launch of the 4K OLED TV with unprecedented resolution standards and a more complete and easy user experience.

Innovation definitely lives in Las Vegas. Don’t miss the trends expected to reshape the tech market in 2015.

LG 4K OLED TV to be introduced during CES 2015

LG 4K OLED TV to be introduced during CES 2015

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