China’s startup scene: the new companies to watch

China News

Xiaomi SmartPhone Xiaomi SmartPhone

While everybody focuses on the success of Xiaomi, the Chinese success story of a startup founded in 2010 that sold over 61 million devices in 2014, there’s a growing startup scene that is definitely reshaping the international scenario of the tech industry. Xiaomi is developing its international expansion, mainly focusing on South-East Asia, India and Latin America.

The Chinese government, meanwhile, announced the launch of a new 40 million RMB venture capital fund focused on startup seed investing phases, with the aim to support the development of emerging industries to eventually generate a kick start for a greater economic growth and an increased investment in private sector, as the Financial Times points out.

It’ll be interesting to assess the impact on the dynamic Internet of Things segment in China. One of the most important waves of the tech development, IoT is expected to keep the current…

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