Startup Christmas Special: top three crowdfunding project waiting for Santa

Christmas is approaching and, while waiting for Santa, it’s a good idea to think about a project or two that are really expected to reshape their industry e could be worth a bunch of dollars through the online crowd-funding websites. In Startup look up! we interviewed a lot of startuppers, entrepreneurs, makers and dreamers that now have seen their projects or products realized and, in some cases, are leading the innovation in their industry with an established sales record. From the China-based accelerator for hardware startups Haxlr8r, to the brand new product manufacturers of the home automation industry CubeSensor, Point, ending with the revolutionary tech startups Kuldat, Ohmconnect, ONB Analytics, we had the opportunity to share vision and strategy with founders from all over the world.

Now it’s time to pick a top three Christmas selection of interesting projects:

1 – HiddenHUB – Wireless HD Audio, Timeless Design

HiddenHUB aims to reshape the highly competitive universe of the home automation industry, in the entertainment segment. It’s a unique smart speaker and it’s positioned into the hard market segment of Sonos – like products (here’s an awesome video), but with a peculiar added value. Its features are really impressive while compared with the products currently available: HiddenHUB understands if someone is in the room, adapts itself to the room layout and acoustic configuration, and finally aims to create a unique immersive sound experience.

hiddenhub animated gif2

HiddenHUB is easily managed remotely or by intuitive fingertips on the device

Hardware is made with a great attention to the product design and scored good reviews on magazines like Designboom, Ubergizmo, ZDnet or Engadget, expressing in a single wall-disc the latest cutting edge in the home automation industry we pointed out last January at CES in Las Vegas. The device relies on a proprietary board and a software that analyzes the environment in the room, and manages to adapt the sound frequencies with the aim to avoid dead spots, completely fill the room, and create an hi-fi and unique sound experience with a perfect audio setup.

hiddenhub mainHigh technology allows cutting edge performances, but the integration does the rest: it’s easy to install, easily integrates with Apple TV and similar products at home, and can be remotely controlled via smartphone, laptop, as well as touching the device like an old fashioned iPod.

Today the crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo reached six times its initial funding goal with $ 1.3 millions, but several perks are still available covering a wide price range: from $49 to $799.

2 – QUBEWorld’s Most Affordable Wi-Fi Smart Bulb

The LED lighting market is going to be more saturated day after day while the home automation related products are facing a tough competition and some key markets like the EU area are experiencing complicated troubles. Qube aims to deliver the most affordable smart light bulb on the market, disrupting a segment where established competitors are on a price point that’s a way higher (like Philips Hue). But the main goal is really ambitious: it aims to allow the clients to scale up exploiting a lower average price of the smart home products, easily implementing the Internet of Things in their everyday routine, without being frightened by complicated setup processes or high price barriers. Home automation is made to be easy and, conveniently cheap for a main stream audience and the average Tom.

The average price of a similar product currently available on sale is approximately $50, while Qube starts from $19 positioning itself among the average, regular LED lighting bulbs. The features are the same of any smart bulb on sale: wireless remote control, interoperability, multiple colours and infinite dimming options, without any need of installing a central hub device. It also features a BLE (Bluetooth Low-energy) sensor that realizes if someaone with a smartphone or a wearable gadget walks in. Is also compatible with almost any third-party software, and compleately customizable. It’s possible therefore implement a smart home without excessive costs or efforts.

Mashable, Crowdfund Insider, e many other magazines covered it as an ambitious project but expected to be disruptive for the smart lighting segment. On Indiegogo it almost reached six times its initial funding goal and there are currently severals bundles available from $19 to $8.000.

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3 – Mokacam – The World’s Smallest 4K Camera

Mokacam is expected to deliver disruptive fireworks into the action camera segment. It’s the world smallest camera: a 45X45 millimeters cube that weighs only 79 grams and features a 16 MP camera with a 7 layer wide angle lens to record HD videos and pictures. It’s smaller than the GoPro Hero (41X59 mm and 88 grams), with and ultra HD sensor of 16 MP, and the possibility to record 4K videos in 15 fps or 60 fps full HD. It connects with any Apple or Android device, and features a magnet surface on every side and it’s completely water proof.

moka animated

Not only a rush-to-the-smallest camera, but a true design object that won the 2015 Red Dot Design award and features impressive capabilities like the snap on battery: you can easily replace the battery while recording a video without losing anything or switching off the device.

It’s still available on Indiegogo in its crowdfunding campaign, with an early bird price of $99, approximately 40% below the final retail price and has been widely covered on specialised magazines like Digifoto, Tom’s Hardware, Wired, Times of India and many others.

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