Will a teenager startup 3D-print the next skyscraper?

caZZA LOGOIt’s definitely not a Philip Dick novel nor a strange fake news on air by some unknown tech-enthusiast somewhere. Cazza is an actual startup based in Dubai which is developing 3D printing technology to improve construction speed and feature unprecedented means to raise any building from scratch. There’s also an actual project designed after delivering several 3D printers designed to work on site while building a multi-store house, or anything else. Cazza developed Minitank, a crane featuring 3D tech able to layer up more than 200 sqm of concrete per day, with a 50% cut in construction time schedule compared to traditional technology.


A quick glance to Cazza’s 3D tech

Cazza is a teeneager startup: the founder & CEO is 19 years old and funded Cazza without external VC funds or business angels, but investing the capital raised after selling his previous startup (!) Appsitude. He hired an elite time of 3D tech engineers focusing on 3D printing, then developed several milestone projects to finally deliver Minitank. It’s not a blind investment: Dubai government authority approved a 3D tech official plan which aims to build 25% of city buildings with 3D tech within 2030. That’s why Cazza moved from the US to Dubai in a brand new 3D printed office that was built in 17 days only.

Actually there’s a lot of competition: Chinese companies like WinSun already printed a 10 story house in Shanghai three years ago, and DUS architects completed the canal house project with thirteen rooms. Then Apis Cor (in the video) 3D printed a 37 sqm house near Moscow. But there isn’t much technology on site: there’s a general lack of solutions which provide 3D tech right in the construction site, that would go beyond a pioneering project like the ones mentioned.

3dpr dubai1

Dubai is ready for a 3D tech revolution

Dubai is the right place: 3D tech will cover even other industries, for example medical devices market will score a +2% growth in eigth years only in the 3D printed products with a total sales volume of half billion euros, while other segments like fashion and beauty are experiencing relevant investments in this direction.

Let’s how long it takes to 3D print the next mega skyscraper from scratch, using a 3D tech blueprint sent via e-mail.

[header photo by Leo Fosdal via Unsplash]

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