Cherrypicking! Three crowdfunding projects that rock


The blue share is the 36.4% of successful Kickstarter projects last year. Only one third of the projects will make it

The golden age of crowdfunding is still far from being over: according to Fundly we are over 34 billion dollars collected in 2017 among the largest macro-areas: North America, Europe and Asia. One of the few sectors that still record a leading Western world that account for almost 28 billion dollars of projects funded through this type of platforms in US, Canada and EU. Services like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and many others are also increasingly seeing more sophisticated business models being available for startups and new projects. Crowdcube, for example, focuses on equity crowdfunding with access and management requirements structured and interesting perks for investors. But apart from the business model details, startups should first focus on the perfect timing to calibrate their access to crowdfunding platforms, with the aim to avoid missing the target in terms of funding objectives and to comply with the delivery time both in the product based projects and in service based ones. It’s strategic if you have a look at the latest report by Kickstarter, in which 1 out of 3 projects only sees a positive and successful conclusion of the crowdfunding campaign.

chart not animated crowdfunding

Sort the Kickstarter projects by category and you’ll have this ranking. But if you sort the data by funding amount, technology and design gain some more positions in the top five

The chart above shows the most used categories by numeber of projects but if you sort the projects by amount of funding achieved, you see tech and design gaining several position in the top 10 ranking. We picked three projects that show a good trend to answer the question “where is technology going?”:

1 – Phrozen: or consumer-oriented 3D printers for 4.0 makers

The Taiwanese company has been producing some of the most interesting 3D printers on the market for over five years and now comes with a specific solution for those who want to print on high volumes and especially in sequences that avoid post assembly processes that can further delay production or prototyping. A low cost solution aimed at the general public and useful for dentists, artisans, creators of objects of jewelry and design. A project that raised over $ 340,000 from an initial goal of $ 26,000 (!)


Phrozen Transform: a low cost 3D printer for large volumes

2 – Nan01: the astronomical micro-camera … even more micro!

The project has collected almost 130 thousand dollars so far compared to the initial goal of 77 thousand dollars and is the brainchild of a professional photographer dealing with the complexities of astronomical applications of the modern need to document, photograph and shoot everything. If GoPro presented its Hero7 at CES in Las Vegas this year, good products can still be found to offer turnkey solutions for all amateurs who can project one of the most fascinating hobbies into a smart & social dynamic. But the very  strength of the project is not yet another microcam highly sensitive sensors, but an integrated suite of solutions. It’s a winning approach like the one that made GoPro a success story: from an action cam like many others (tink about Victure, Apeman or others) to a complete suite of services, software, with high compatibility and an outstanding quality of service. One above all: the Quik app for GoPro that allows any user to edit and mount in 30 seconds any long raw footage and share a super fancy result on social media and GoPro community without having to fight with endless troubles and large knopw how requirements.

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Nan01 follows the multichannel approach to its customer base: it offers an augmented reality map to guide the user between constellations, and a set of filters and adjustments to simplify the approach to astronomical photography. In addition to integrated WiFi with an immediate and effective software for transferring and sharing video and photographic material. A high level product, within the reach of many.


A time laps is forever. This one is amazing.

3 – Pigzbe: time to teach your children (age 6+) how to manage money

Pigzbe is a cool pink device, like a funny pig, designed for children. It allows to teach how to manage a budget and earn money based on tasks and rewards. The project has raised over 93 thousand dollars so far (many devices are still available now). A first step in financial management through the game and the small daily tasks of family life. Beyond the fact that it has its own crypto-currency (the Wollo, really!). On Wollo tuns the whole system and allows you to keep extremely low management fees, but the real news is another one. The system through the device and a very intuitive app actually allows you to manage tasks (wash dishes, tidy, walk the dog, feed the cat and so on) with a reward system.

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In addition to this the Wollo and the accumulation of rewards allows the kids to learn by playing, and manage their finances, as well as the pocket money (allowance) that parents can transfer via app with a simple click. The Wollo can then be spent anywhere and can charge a Visa card. But the images make you understand a lot more: in a world where pre-literal children interact with emojis, it’s not a bad idea to start posing (playful) challenges unthinkable for our (and your?) generation. Awesome!


Create tasks for your kids and implement a super funny reward system to teach your children how to manage money. Easy, uh?

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