About me

Who is Valerio Soldani?

I work in the trade promotion industry, providing services for design companies approaching foreign markets and focusing on USA, Middle East and China. Always traveling to attend international fairs, exhibitions, networking workshops, B2B meetings, I’m hungrily looking for latest trends and news in the design industry and the export management professional world. For two years (until 2014) I supported a british startup, DMack ltd, in the development of the Italian market in the motorsport segment. In few years they became one of the three official suppliers to the WRC World Rally Championship. Previously I worked in UK in the business development and promotion of a fine spirits brand.

You can easily read my feeds on this blog (Valerio Sold Out), on Twitter (@Vsoldani), on LinkedIN.

Why this blog?

I manage Valerio Sold Out blog in the English/Italian version, while writing on the China Daily Mail as a contributor.

I’ve been reading several national and international blogs for years, and I believe in the knowledge sharing potential and in peer-to-peer debate that’s the deep soul of internet and social media. I decided to have a personal online space to post my opinions, analyze issues I’m interested in, share information I consider important. At the same time the digital media are the quickiest and more focused channel to keep in touch with my international professional community (designers, export managers, architects, companies).

Comments, suggestions and contributions (guest posts!) are always welcome. All the opinions you may read here are merely personal and RT or ReBlog doesn’t involve any endorsement.


All the contents published on valeriosoldani.com and valeriosoldout.com are produced by the author of the article without any financial revenue. All the companies mentioned or interviewed are involved because of the author’s interest in their activity. None of the contents published are commissioned by the companies mentioned or by third parties. This website is a product of passion and professional discover of the international marketing and business community.


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