Pioneering digital marketing in China

China News

The Chinese market is a key target for global luxury brands and export oriented companies focusing on high-end quality products and services. Setting up a marketing strategy could be the hard part of the job, even for brands and companies that are well established in western countries.

Chinese customers are increasingly using digital channels and platforms (like Baidu or Weibo) to gather and share informations that are totally different from the western countries. Therefore it’s quite difficult to set up an effective marketing strategy through digital channels without a deep understanding of the peculiarities of the Chinese digital media.

That’s why big players like Ogilvy & Mather, one of the most famous global PR and communication companies, set up divisions like OgilvyCulture and Social@Ogilvy to market across different cultures or develop social media marketing programmes.

But a disruptive trend is likely to change the present scenario, carried on…

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