China: Revving up for e-learning market opportunities

The e-learning market has been reshaped by the widespread of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) set up by a large range of top players globally: from the established Ivy League universities to the most daring projects set up by innovative outsiders like Udacity or Khan Academy. Many powerful projects achieved great results in a very short time. Udacity, for example, provides dozens of online courses with video lessons, assessment tests, serving a worldwide community of 160.000+ students in 190 countries. Coursera project, launched by more than thirty universities (Princeton, Columbia University NY, University of California San Francisco, University of Pennsylvania Georgia Tech and many others), became an established social entrepreneurship platform with the aim to spread worldwide a top class education to millions of students, without any cost or obstacle.

China is a high-potential market that could be extremely sensitive to a professional approach on e-learning and m-learning technologies…

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